More than sales

Our Sales & Business Development department is often the first meeting point between our customers and the company. It works closely with all departments and tolerates high expectations as our best salespeople possess more than sales expertise. They can easily step in the shoes of a designer, engineer, project manager, legal counselor, accountant, etc. and communicate their role within a client’s project.


We are aware that to some, this may sound like too much. To us, though, this is the standard we aim to offer at any encounter with a client. Great people skills and attentive listening are a basis for any good salesperson, but they are also overrated when you sell complex projects in a business-to-business context. And this is where your journey with Walltopia may start.

Ready for your next career step?

Stepping on your education and, preferably, professional experience and expanding these with product and industry-specific knowledge. Because to sell well, you have to know better – what we do, how we do it, who we compete with.

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