More than sales

Our Sales & Business Development department serves as the initial point of contact between our customers and our company. They work closely with all departments and are held to high standards.

Our salespeople possess not only sales expertise, but also a good understanding of how the other departments at Walltopia function. Because of this they can effectively communicate to our clients what we can exactly deliver and ensure that our products and services meet their expectations.


At Walltopia, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible service. This is why we do not find know-it-alls annoying, on the contrary, we want all of our employees to strive to know it all.

Great people skills and attentive listening are undoubtedly important traits for any salesperson, but when it comes to selling complex projects, they are not enough.

Our commitment to knowing it all means that we come to every client prepared to understand their needs and to offer solutions to any challenge that might arise. This approach not only helps us build stronger relationships with our clients but also ensures that we deliver projects that meet or exceed their expectations.

Ready for your next career step?

Stepping on your education and, preferably, professional experience and expanding these with product and industry-specific knowledge. Because to sell well, you have to know better – what we do, how we do it, who we compete with.

If that sounds like a challenge you are up to, see our openings here or apply directly to

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