Project management

Exceed expectations

It’s one thing to promise something and another – to live up to your words. Our Project Management does this – makes sure we deliver what we have promised. And more. The team plans, coordinates, and manages all company projects from the moment a contract is signed untill the final handover meeting with a client. For a complex project that may take 6 – 12 months of work. To do great at their job, our project managers have to know well every step of a project and envision potential obstacles along the way, so we always have plan B if needed.

We've done it all

Dealing with the import of a 3-ton pool glass, negotiating good work conditions for our technicians, handling missing machinery from the opposite side of the Globe and last-minute fixes because of 3 cm difference between the actual building site and the architectural plans: they can do it all. Our PMs are the connecting point between the client, the production and the installation teams and they make it happen. On time.

Ready for your next career step?

Neither day is the same, nor is a single project. Working as a project manager in Walltopia is a continuous learning process for people who love solving problems and are not afraid of challenges. The multitasking and superior time management skills can help you get on board, but in order to to stay, you’ll need forward-thinking, guts to make quick decisions, and stamina to balance well lots of wants with what’s feasible.

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