Product management

Always Stay on Top of Your Game

Product Management is a crucial department that makes sure our products are ``in the game`` and more than that, it makes sure they are the best ``in the game``.

To make competitive products is the most important thing for a production company. Our value is defined by what we create.

The product management department works closely with the engineering, design and sales teams to ensure we deliver what we promise to our clients and more.

Multitasking Masters

The department has several key responsibilities, including:

  • Developing new products and model series.
  • Conducting research on the competition and determining market prices.
  • Supporting the design process and final approval of ongoing projects.
  • Improving and optimizing existing products in our catalog to ensure they meet the highest industry standards.
  • Documenting production and operations and tracking the quality of production and installation.

Ready for your next career step?

Neither day is the same, nor is a single project. Working as a project manager in Walltopia is a continuous learning process for people who love solving problems and are not afraid of challenges. The multitasking and superior time management skills can help you get on board, but in order to to stay, you’ll need forward-thinking, guts to make quick decisions, and stamina to balance well lots of wants with what’s feasible.

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