Radostina Simitchiiska is a part of Walltopia's Logistics department. Sending off large crates across the globe is just one of her many responsibilities - check out what she loves about her job below.

Sylvia Mitrova started working at Walltopia as Ivaylo Penchev's assistant. Today, she is one of Walltopia's toughest sales managers, taking care of the entire North American market. Check out her interview below.

Pencho Penchev has been a part of Walltopia’s Design team for over two years. His love for what he does and his interest in Walltopia’s wide range of products is what inspired him to work hard and grow very quickly within the company. Learn more about Pencho by checking out the interview below.

Ani Manova began her journey at Walltopia in 2012, starting out as a Graphic Designer. Since then, she has worked her way up to becoming the company's Art Director, proudly watching over all of the visual and written materials that fall into the hands (and monitors) of potential clients.

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