What is it like to be a part of our company?

Walltopia's Design TeamA challenge.

If we have to pick just one word that best describes the everyday life in Walltopia, this is it.

A rewarding challenge which, at the end of the day, make us smarter and stronger.

Walltopia’s corporate culture is probably nothing you’ve seen or experienced before. We challenge the common “dos and don’ts” of people who rarely have any significant business experience and we challenge ourselves, constantly stepping out of our comfort zone, heading at where the learning happens.

In many ways Walltopia resembles a university with the difference that the course projects are real projects and you take responsibility for all actions or non-actions. Indeed, the point of responsibility is very important to us. If we see a person who has it, but lacks experience or knowledge, we are willing to give him/her a chance. On the other side, being smart and playing cool, but showing you do not get along with responsibility, will make us step away.

At Walltopia you are never bored or left without work. And there’s rarely something that you cannot do. We are not a fan of the “that’s not in my job description” attitude- instead we’re fond of people who don’t put barriers in their knowledge and skills and are always open to learn something new. To do more, to be more.

Walltopia is not for everyone though. It is for the brave and the smart, for the people who don’t like waiting for something to happen but prefer to push things and move faster. It is for the people who’re not afraid to make choices, take responsibility, and admit to making mistakes. It is for the ones who prefer no bullshitting, and like when everything is addressed straightforward.

And most importantly, Walltopia is for those who’ve taken their future in their hands and know that everything is possible but it also involves hard work, passion and commitment.

Walltopia is where you can grow up and understand the (business) world better.

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