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Boyan Petrov has been a part of Walltopia for more than eight years. He is currently the manager of the engineering department - part climbing , tackling every day challenges related to the company's numerous ongoing projects. Check out what he has to say about his team in the interview below.

Who are you ?

Boyan Petrov – Manager of the engineering department (climbing)

What are you in charge of now?

I teach, develop and guide the engineering team.

What does your team do?

Inventing, drawing, designing and monitoring the performance of the metal structures that support climbing surfaces.

How does your team contribute to the big picture?

Thanks to this department all the beautiful and bold designs become reality.

What are the everyday challenges your team meets?

Everyday they are different – some are related to the design, others to the implementation or the inventing process. Getting to know more information about the design restriction of different countries around the globe is also part of the everyday challenges that we meet. However, all these make the job very interesting and give people the opportunity to learn something new each day.

What kind of people work at your team?

Diligent and responsible. Also, there are people from both categories in our team: young professionals and those with already solid experience.

What is the one quality you are looking for the most?

The way they think and analyze situations. Being really interested in what we do is also important to me.

How could a candidate impress you on first meeting?

I am looking for knowledge in his/her field of work. Of course, supplemented by desire and interest in this profession. Clear and precise answers are also something I am looking to find in each candidate.

How could a new employee develop within the team?

Every engineer’s starting point is being a drawer. He/she has to get more knowledge about company’s products, the internal organization and specifics of the job. Each employee could develop in two paths – being lead of projects (each project has numerous engineers working on it and a leader who manages the group) or become a static – which path they would take depends on their interest.

Why choosе Walltopia's engineering team?

The core engineering job in the department is very dynamic. It definitely develops new skills and meet the employees with many new challenges in the field. They gain lots of practical knowledge, which is very important as it contributes to their development as engineering professionals.

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