Summer’s almost here and we know you’ve probably made some awesome plans. But we have an opportunity for you. And it’s something big.  

Walltopia launches a summer internship program for the third time! We are seeking talented students in their 3rd and 4th year of education to join our team for two months (July and August).

Walltopia is expanding its international team of sales representatives. We are looking for people who believe in the future of climbing and understand the realm of business. You can read more here or come and meet our team between the 12th and 16th of September at the 2018 IFSC Climbing World Championships in Innsbruck.

Radostina Stanimirova is SAP business data analyst at Walltopia. She joined the company almost 10 years ago considering it to be a temporary job. You could learn why she stayed by reading the article below.

Daniela Fileva is the Chief Accountant for part of the companies in Walltopia Group. In the article below she shares her experience and her love for not other but accounting. When a person picks the busiest time of the year as the best, believe it they enjoy their job. And Daniela is one of these people – appreciating the magic of numbers.

As promised - we are publishing the rest of our summer internes' memories and experiences in their own words.

Last Christmas our whole team gathered and picked five charities which we feel are close to our hearts and beleiefs and we decided to support them.  


We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed our first Summer internship program.

We have learned a lot from our interns, had great fun while doing it and we are sure they did too. Some of them accepted our challenge and decided to stay with us and become part of the Walltopia family.

Walltopia celebrated its 19th birthday by hosting a massive party at its very own climbing gym, located at the company's Headquarters in Sofia.

The event took place only a few hours after the official completion of Walltopia Climbing Center, and more than 400 people showed up to celebrate the company and its new facility. The Walltopia team danced the night away, listening to a variety of "guilty pleasure" music provided by the one and only Shame Crew.

A while back MEP Licia Ronzulli brought her daughter to the Strasbourg parliament (link). Well, something similar happened at Walltopia HQ today. Marto , who is among the smartest Walltopians (being a mechanical engineer and all), brought his 4-month-old daughter to work.

He said that he was thinking about working from home, but the office sounded just as safe and fun. Side benefits - his daughter, Maya, now has her own fan club :).

A great start of the week for our newly joined sales and marketing associates. We've started with a half day training on climbing's most important features and technical specifications along with the life of a project - from A to Z. Then, we put on some warm jackets and went down, to the first floor, where all the real magic is happening. We've looked at what's behind the walls, what's easy and what's been challenging to achieve.

Our annual Agent Meeting was held from January 18th till 20th at Walltopia Headquarters in Sofia. More than 30 of our representatives from all over the globe joined us for a series of presentations and discussions about last year's results, our latest innovations, newest products and plans for the future.

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