Walltopia Summer Internship Program


Walltopia Internship Program is a place where you could dive into deep waters and receive first-hand experience of how the business world works. A place where it does not matter if you are a newbie or a pro, as long as you have ideas and show results. A place where you will be pushed to your limits in order to become better than what you were yesterday.


Walltopia Summer Internship will start with a one week evening course on important basic topics that you did not learn at university:

  • What NOT to Do when you write a CV
  • Why the cover letter is imperative and what you are expected to tell us there
  • Interview preparation (Yes, this is actually more important than the interview itself)
  • Business tools that will make your professional life easier (God Bless Google!)
  • Written business communication (There are rules here and we want you to know these before you start)
  • Mentor – mentee relationship
  • Finance for dummies
  • Design basic rules (The Walltopia perspective)
  • Engineering for dummies (or why structures do not fall apart)
  • Marketing - PR - Communication (What we do and how it is different than the rest)
  • From A to Z (Or the route from a small Bulgarian village to the heart of Sydney, New York, London, Kuala Lampur)
  • Accounting (Numbers always matter)

In other words, you will learn a bit of everything – marketing, sales, HR, accounting, logistics – by dealing with case studies and researching.

At the end of the first week preparation for the business world, you will enter your desired field as an intern for two months. And, no, you won’t be making coffee. Rather, we want you to become a full part of the team and deal with everyday challenges the way we do. So we expect you to Ask, Learn, Do and Repeat.

TIP: Shoot for the stars. Put all of your energy, motivation and desire to learn on the table. The best of you will become our next full-time Walltopians. And all of you will receive a personal recommendation letter based on your performance throughout the program.


Applications Deadline: 15.05.2019 
Interviews: 20.05.2019 – 07.06.2019 
Walltopia Academy Start Date: 25.06.19 
Walltopia Internship Program Dates: 01.07.2019 - 31.08.2019


Send us your CV (please, do yourself a favor and do not use EU Format CV, we know you are more creative than that) and motivation letter to convince us you deserve a seat at the table. Tell us why you chose the Walltopia Program and what field you are interested in.

Note: No cover letter - no entry ticket. In other words: Applications without ML will not be taken into consideration.

  • Climbmat
    On Belay
  • Holdtopia
    Fun Walls
  • One More Life
    Composite X
  • logo new funtopia
    Gym Realm
  • Fiction holds
  • Safety engineering
    Ropes Course
  • Ninja Course
  • Adventure Trails
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