Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there! We know how important the decision of starting a new job or joining a new company is, (let alone the interview itself!), so we've tried to make this easier for you by compiling a list of questions you may have. Remember that if you cannot find what you're looking for, you can always send us an inquiry via email. 

{slider How long does the recruitment process usually take?}

It very much depends on the position and on the applicant. We prefer not to rush, meaning we prefer to hire somebody with passion and knowledge, rather than just hiring someone for the sake of hiring, and waiting to see what happens. That is why sometimes the whole process can take up to 1-2 months. However, if you go to a final interview, you will generally hear back from us in two weeks time, no matter what the result is.

{slider I have read you conduct locigal reasoning tests as part of your selection procedure. Are those obligatory for any job position? }

Yes, they are. Those tests have been with us for quite some years and have proven to give us a good overview of an individual’s cognitive abilities.



{slider Can I skip the interview with the recruitment specialist and just meet with the department manager or the CEO? }

Yes, but rarely. The decision if we can make such an exception would be based on your expertise and our availability.

{slider Do I need a technical degree to get hired? }

We do prefer candidates with a technical degree or background, as this will help you adapt quicker to the company. Still, this is not a must, just an advantage.

{slider Will you let me know when the recruitment process is closed and the position has been filled?}

Every candidate who goes through an interview receives either an email or a call from our HR specialists, informing them of the result. We will be in touch even if you are not approved for the next stage of the recruitment process.

{slider Can I apply for more than one position?}

Yes, you can. However, we would recommend that you narrow down your choices to one or two as more would be a sign you either do not know well the company, or you are not aware of your strenghts and where you will fit best.

{slider What is the application deadline for a job opening?}

You could apply up until the position is closed but the general rule stays- the sooner, the better. Note though, we will never return an application of a bright and enthusiastic person to join our team just for he/she has missed the deadline.

{slider If I have applied before and was not selected, could I apply again?}

Yes, you can but we will definitely look at the time that has passed since your last application. If you apply within a month or two of your last application the final result will most likely be the same. We would recommend that you wait several months, so that you could gain more experience and build new skills.

{slider Then, if I took the logic tests during my last application, do I have to do it again when I apply the next time?}

It depends on how long it has been since your last test. If it has been less than an year, we can use your last results. If it has been more, we recommend taking the test again.


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