Meet Zlatimira Bancheva – Walltopia’s Global Chief Commercial Officer

Zlatimira Bancheva is Walltopia’s Global Chief Commercial Officer. During her 12 years with the company now, Zlatimira has been responsible for the growth and evolution of Walltopia – a process that transformed it from a specialized climbing wall manufacturer into a world leader in the Adventure and Leisure industries.

Zlatimira was instrumental in the development and market positioning of Walltopia’s Active Entertainment products. Her focus was leading the company in the creation of outstanding cutting-edge projects that perfectly combine aesthetics and functionality as best exemplified by Walltopia’s Adventure Hub.

In the past years, Zlatimira worked closely with the company’s design and product development teams to create a number of Adventure hubs throughout Europe, the Middle East and China. Her team successfully blended superior customer experience with optimized operations in the first of its kind themed multi-level adventure park that allows high visitor throughput in a relatively small footprint.

Zlatimira also led the expansion of Walltopia from the US to the Chinese markets and accumulated extensive know-how working with some of the most prominent designers and developers in the amusement and retail industries all over the world. Her understanding of customer goals and challenges ensures that Walltopia and its affiliate companies endlessly reinvent and upgrade their product offerings in order to suit and never stop engaging an ever-demanding world audience. Some of the most significant achievements in this field are the first of its kind Ropes Course “The Tree” and the latest innovations in the Rollglider zip line rollercoaster.

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