Christmas Is Here for Walltopia’s Little Ones

Today, a small part of our office was transformed into Santa’s workshop, which we believe has something to do with all the snowflakes outside!The occasion was all those little ones who add meaning to the work we do , and who miss us the most when we are somewhere on the other side of the globe.

Our work wasn’t easy. We learned the names and ages of 84 children, how good they’ve been throughout the year, and what was listed in their letter to Santa.

Our lovely Maya from the Marketing department not only did all the research, but also made sure each gift would find its rightful owner. Today, with the help of a few other fairies, she got each and every present ready for Santa’s bag. He, Snow White and Funky Monkey will greet all the children from the Walltopia family in Funtopia during the company’s annual kids’ Christmas Party.

Ho! Ho!

– Santa’s Team

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