Stefan Stoyanov – Finance Analyst

Stefan Stoyanov joined Walltopia’s finance department as an intern last year. A few months later he was offered a full-time position. Learn more about him and his work by reading the article below.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Walltopia?

My name is Stefan, 24, from Burgas. I am a Finance graduate from UNWE and currently I am studying for my master degree in VUZF, again in Finance major. I started working in Walltopia just before finishing my bachelor program. Initially, I started as an intern in the finance department. My internship continued for 3 months, as I was actively involved in the company’s business. After that I continued in the same department as a full-time Finance analyst.

For how long have you been with the company?

I am in the company from April, 2015.

Why did you choose Walltopia?

I was aware of the company’s work long before I start working here. As a Finance student, I knew Walltopia as a one of the very few examples for a really successful Bulgarian company, both in nationally and globally. Also, I have heard positive opinions for the work environment in the company from acquaintances working here before me. I understood about the open finance intern position from them. Although, I was still a student, who was just before finals and a State examination, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to start working for a company – a world leader in its area.

What are you doing currently?

Currently, I am working as a Finance analyst. My job is diverse and includes developing business plans for Walltopia and its subsidiaries, finance analysis of investment projects, developing payment plans for trade financing from Walltopia and many more activities form the corporate finance area.

How are things here different from some of your previous experiences?

What is different in Walltopia is the diversity of the work. The company is constantly developing and the challenges are always new. The next day can offer you everything – financing for a climbing gym project in Dubai, business plan for an investment in adventure center in Malaysia, investment analysis for acquiring of a majority share from a company, operating climbing gyms chain in USA etc. Apart from the scale, the difference with the other companies comes from the fact that in Walltopia you feel that you are directly involved in the company’s projects. Not just as a part of a big machine, which cannot see the final result from its work.

What’s exciting about the work that you do?

The diversity and the challenges. With every new task you learn something new or develop what you already can and know.

What about your job makes you jump out of the bed in the morning?

A big motivation for me is the opportunity to develop myself. Thanks to the dynamic progress of the company, I always have to make new and interesting things. But maybe the most motivating thing for me is to work with my manager – the opportunity to absorb part of her knowledge and skills makes my work much more satisfying.

What do you love the most about your job?

Again – the diversity and the challenges. Also, my colleagues from the office – the entertainment in the breaks is very important too.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced throughout the years?

I face challenges all the time, they come with every new task. But the satisfaction from the job comes with overcoming them.

What is the one thing the company helped you develop as a skill?

Responsibility, diligence, concentration and my professional skills.

How did you change throughout the years?

It is too early for me to make such a summary, but the change is entirely in a positive way.

Describe working here with one word.


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