Irina Staneva Talks About the Financial Investment Team

Irina Staneva has been working at Walltopia for four years. She takes care of everything connected to investments in the Walltopia Group – analyses, evaluations, negotiations of terms and conditions, and management of partnerships.

 Irina’s team helps the company make choices about which projects and firms to invest in, where to focus its efforts on growth and how to develop new opportunities. Check out the Q&A below to learn more about her work at Walltopia.

Who are you?

Irina Staneva, Investment Project Manager.

What are the everyday challenges your team faces?

Juggling multiple tasks involving n+1 people from several countries.

What kind of people are in your team?

They are precise, resourceful, focused on tasks given with the ability to react quickly on changes.

What is the one most valuable quality you look for in a potential team member?

Proactivity & analysis skills.

How could a candidate make a good first impression?

With confidence and motivation to work, combined with company knowledge and technical skills (for example, Excel). A quick thinker I could conduct adequate conversation with.

How could a new employee develop within the team?

As a position – from Financial Analyst to Financial Project manager. The second position builds up the responsibilities of the first one. It includes negotiating with potential partners and leading an investment project with minimum supervision.

Why choosе the Walltopia Finance team?

Because the workflow is very dynamic and interesting. Every day we face new challenges and problems, we find the best possible solutions. And when you are successful in what you do, you feel the satisfaction at the end of the day.

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