Meet Ani – Walltopia’s Art Director

Ani Manova began her journey at Walltopia in 2012, starting out as a Graphic Designer. Since then, she has worked her way up to becoming the company’s Art Director, proudly watching over all of the visual and written materials that fall into the hands (and monitors) of potential clients.

Ani’s hard work, dedication and incredible eye for detail are just a few of the many factors that have helped her grow in Walltopia. Check out the short interview below to learn more about her story!

Tell us a little bit about your background and how did you end up at Walltopia?

Worked as a graphic designer in an advertising agency for 2 years, quit to travel at 21, spent 3 seasons in Alaska serving tables, came back to finish university and keep travelling but found the job ad and decided to apply. 5 years later, I’m still enjoying my job, see perspective for professional development and face new challenges, so I’ll hang out for a bit longer 🙂 I get to travel every once in a while for both work and fun, so I’m happy I still manage to feed the travel buzz craving.

For how long have you been with the company?

5 years

What are you doing currently?

Retouching photos from a new location, planning social media posts for the company page, designing samples for a trade show next month and doing branding for the van of our US team.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced throughout the years?

Having to explain to people with no experience in working with designers why design matters and how important it is. We work with a lot of extremely smart product developers that are brilliant engineers but are not familiar with the job on our end. The key is being tolerant and approaching people with an educating attitude because as much as you know nothing about the work of the engineers, they know nothing about your work either and you can’t expect them to understand the design process unless you first explain it.

How did you change through years?

Became a little more tolerant. I still hiss at people when I’m too stressed out but I learned to analyze my behaviour and apologize when needed.

Why did you choose Walltopia?

Because I have the opportunity to combine my profession with my passion for climbing.

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