About us

We are a manufacturing company that started out more than 25 years ago with the purpose of designing and producing the most advanced climbing facilities on the market. Our passion for science, technology and our focus on safety helped us grow to become the world leader in the Climbing and Active Entertainment industries.

We are Walltopia — a manufacturing company that started in 1998 with the purpose of designing and manufacturing the most advanced climbing facilities in the world. Our passion for science and technology and our focus on safety have helped us grow and become the world leader in the climbing industry.

Passionate about sport and active lifestyle, in 2010, we started developing a new product line that steps on movement and combines it with fun & adventure. We called it Active Entertainment. To date, we have installed our Active Entertainment products across adventure parks, amusement parks, shopping malls, gyms, recreational areas, ski resorts, schools & universities, hotels, and more all around the globe.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our top priority has always been our clients’ satisfaction. We are committed to making our clients’ experience with us easy and enjoyable by ensuring they receive both a quality product and exceptional service.

As a complete solution provider, we offer comprehensive support from concept through completion, ensuring every project meets our high standards and clients’ specific needs.

With sales offices in the USA, Canada, China, and a head office in Sofia, Bulgaria, along with three production plants employing more than 400 people, we have completed over 2,200 projects in 80 countries across six continents to date.

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Ivaylo Penchev, CEO & Co-founder

Ivaylo Penchev is a serial entrepreneur. He has founded and is actively involved in several companies – Walltopia, HRT, Climbmat, AFCM, Auxionize, Extra pack, CompositeX, Auxionize, 

The corporate culture Ivaylo stands for is very entrepreneurial, striving to develop his management team of decision-makers to have a high level of responsibility and proactiveness.

Metin Musov, CEO & Co-founder

Metin Musov founded Walltopia together with his friend Ivaylo Penchev. Aside from being a co-founder of the company, he is the Head of Production in Walltopia’s main production plant in Letnitsa. Metin believes in leadership through problem solving and innovation.

What we do

We design, engineer, manufacture, and install climbing walls and active entertainment products globally. We are proud that our name stands on some of the biggest, most significant, tallest, or simply most complicated projects globally.

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