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What We Do

Milena Zaharieva

The Administration department plays an essential role in the day-to-day work of the entire office. We are the smiley faces that you would first see when visiting our HQ.

Our department is responsible for providing administrative aid in four areas of business: information management systems, human resources, acquisitions, and communications. Our goal is to keep all the departments within the company operating at a maximum capacity and inform everyone about changes in the organization and how these would affect them.

Recruiting talents, managing the IT system, developing office rules, fulfilling everyday employee needs, finding and leading property deals, applying for different local projects, leading administration and manufacturing certification processes and managing the company auto park are just a few of the many tasks that our department’s specialists deal with on a daily basis. You would fit perfectly if multitasking and fast math are some of your key skills.

- Milena Zaharieva, Administrative Director



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What We Do

Stoyan Ivanov

From new factories and R&D facilities to luxury office buildings, our team faces challenges with a “can-do” attitude during every step of the construction process. Our department’s tasks include planning, coordination and control of each project from the beginning until its completion. Our to-do list also includes setting up estimates, budgets and construction timetables, as well as collaborating and coordinating project plans with architects, engineers and other specialists. We ensure that each project complies with all building codes and legal or regulatory requirements.

When you visit our HQ for an interview keep in mind that we not only manufacture the best climbing walls in the world, but we’ve also built ourselves the greatest office.

- Stoyan Ivanov, Head of Capital Constructions

Success Stories

Ruslan Palov

Ruslan Palov - Capital Builder

Ruslan Palov A.K.A. Rosko is one of Wallopia's funnest talents. He joined Walltopia's Administrative Department two years ago, doing a little bit of everything while constantly putting a big smile on everyone's faces. Rosko, a man of many skills, did not go unnoticed. Today, he is a part of the company's Capital Building department, supervising the construction of our brand new headquarters building - the Collider Activity Center!
Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Walltopia?
My name is Ruslan Palov, but I am mostly known by my colleagues as Rosko. Not the usual nickname for ...

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What We Do

Vasil Sharlanov

Smart and creative are the words that describe the architects and designers in our department. What do we do exactly? We help clients define project objectives and risks, we help make intelligent use of materials, technology and lighting, we provide complete architectural drawings, plans and technical specification, and we help clients maximize their investments.

Out of the box ideas and state of the art designs are what makes every project distinguishable. We are looking for applicants that pay attention to detail and are willing to guide clients through design, planning and building regulations.

- Vasil Sharlanov, Head of Design and Architecture (Climbing Walls)

Success Stories

Pencho Penchev

Pencho - Deputy Manager of Design & Architecture

Pencho Penchev has been a part of Walltopia’s Design team for over two years. His love for what he does and his interest in Walltopia’s wide range of products is what inspired him to work hard and grow very quickly within the company. Learn more about Pencho by checking out the interview below.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Walltopia?
I started as an architect directly responsible for the design and construction of the Collider Activity ...

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What We Do

Konstantin Petrov

Our team works closely with clients and is involved in everything from the on-site measurement of existing buildings to the 3D modeling and assembly drawings. We are responsible for the safety and quality of our products with regards to design, manufacturing and installation. Our team of 30 civil engineers, draftsmen, and CNC programmers produces engineering plans for more than 70 000 sq. m of climbing surfaces per year.

The two words that describe our professionals best are precise and detail-oriented.

- Konstantin Petrov, Мanager of the Еngineering department (Adventure Products)

Success Stories

Boyan Petrov

Boyan Petrov on Walltopia's Engineering Department

Boyan Petrov has been a part of Walltopia for more than eight years. He is currently the deputy manager of the engineering department, tackling every day challenges related to the company's numerous ongoing projects. Check out what he has to say about his team in the interview below.

Who are you ?
Boyan Petrov – deputy manager of the engineering department.

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What We Do

Milena Spancheliyska

The Finance & Accounting team plays a crucial role in Walltopia. We are the team that keeps the business operating without any hitches and delays.

The accounting division of our department makes sure that the company's accounting records and financial statements represent our business in a true and fair manner. The team is responsible for clean accounting entries, smooth transit of cash collections and payments, payroll, inventory control, fixed assets tracking, preparation of financial statements, reporting and controlling, tax filings and everything else that you can do with SAP and Excel!

- Milena Spancheliyska, Financial Director

Irina Staneva

The Financial division of our department is mainly responsible for the investment record of the company - growing the network through structuring investments in subsidiaries and external targets. Searching for potential world-wide companies to invest in, investment appraisal, leading the pre-investment process, and financial and valuation analysis are some of the things we take care of. Whether we are the investor or the investee, our team is fully in charge of the process and has the crucial role of “board advisor” on future investments that will lead to maximizing profit and the company’s potential.

- Irina Staneva, Investment Project Manager

Success Stories

Alexandra Kostova

Alexandra Kostova's Take on Walltopia

Alex Kostova was not looking for a new job when she heard about Walltopia. However, she quickly realized that the company and her passion for accounting were a great match. Check out what she has to say about her career at Walltopia in the interview below!

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Walltopia?
I started working at Walltopia unexpectedly. I did not intend to change my previous job, where I was ...

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Stefan Stoyanov

Stefan Stoyanov - Finance Analyst

Stefan Stoyanov joined Walltopia’s finance department as an intern last year. A few months later he was offered a full-time position. Learn more about him and his work by reading the article below.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Walltopia?
My name is Stefan, 24, from Burgas. I am a Finance graduate from UNWE and currently I am studying for ...

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What We Do

Stoil Stoilov

We are involved in the process of planning, managing and controlling the flow of goods worldwide. Dealing with the import of a 3 ton pool glass or a train/wagon composition from Russia is only a small part of the interesting everyday challenges our department faces. Negotiating the terms and conditions of each deal using an online procurement platform and assisting upper management in the reduction of annual costs is what makes us an interesting place to be for professionals in the industry.

You would be a perfect match if you love to negotiate terms and conditions and a dynamic workplace is what you are looking for.

- Stoil Stoilov, Logistics Manager

Success Stories

Radostina Simitchiiska

Radostina Simitchiiska - "My colleagues are awesome"

Radostina Simitchiiska is a part of Walltopia's Logistics department. Sending off large crates across the globe is just one of her many responsibilities - check out what she loves about her job below.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Walltopia?
I was impressed with Walltopia's social package (free fitness and climbing), and I decided to apply. I am not ...

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What We Do

Metin Musov

Walltopia’s first manufacturing facility is located in Letnitza, near Lovech in Bulgaria - a two-hour drive from the company’s headquarters in Sofia. The plant was opened in 2010 with an area of 6,000 m2 and has been extended to 10,000 m2 in 2012. Today, it has the capacity to produce up to 100,000 m2/year of plywood panels. Walltopia has alsio purchased the land surrounding the facility, which allows for further extension to meet increased demand levels. Depending on the work load, there are around 200 full-time emloyees working at the factory.

During the spring of 2016, Walltopia opened a brand new production facility and R&D center in Bozhurishte (near Sofia, Bulgaria). The new factory has both an administrative and warehouse area, and covers 3 256 sq. m. It is dedicated to the production of Fun Walls and Climbmat, and is a massive step forward in increasing Walltopia's production capacity.

- Metin Musov, CEO

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What We Do

Mariya Vasileva

Walltopia participates in more than 20 worldwide trade shows per year - we work hard to make this happen. Creative copy writing, user-friendly websites, inspiring corporate videos and presentations, polished marketing materials, our social media presence, and monitoring the competition are some of the important details we take care of in order to promote our business and help drive sales. We also always have lots of fun, and food within grasp.

You would fit best if paying attention to detail and juggling numerous tasks are among your best skills.

- Mariya Vasileva, Chief Marketing Officer

Success Stories

Ani Manova

Meet Ani - Walltopia's Art Director

Ani Manova began her journey at Walltopia in 2012, starting out as a Graphic Designer. Since then, she has worked her way up to becoming the company's Art Director, proudly watching over all of the visual and written materials that fall into the hands (and monitors) of potential clients. Ani's hard work, dedication and incredible eye for detail are just a few of the many factors that have helped her grow in Walltopia. Check out the short interview below to learn more about her story!

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What We Do

Boriana Petrova

There are very few sports that are as complex as climbing, training every muscle in your body along with flexibility, and the ability to think two steps ahead. Climbing develops a sense of balance, precision and courage, but the best part of it is that it comes naturally to everyone. Our team combined these benefits with the growth of the climbing scene worldwide, and designed a series of interactive challenges. We have created an amusement attraction that embraces active entertainment and attracts a very wide public by not requiring any special skills or training. Part of the products we have developed so far are an absolute sensation around the world, like Fun Walls, Ninja Course, Rope Course.

- Boriana Petrova, COO (Adventure Products)


Georgi Stanchev

The Rollglider is an aerial ride, which combines the thrill of free falling and hang gliding into one ride, giving you a new adrenaline experience in a safe environment. The ride can be customly designed to meet all of the needs of clients’ venues, with speed options of up to 50 km/h. This product is something really innovative for the adventure sector and the fact that our team makes proximity flight a safe option for every person is what inspires us the most to work and improve the Rollglider.

- Georgi Stanchev, Product Developer (Rollglider)


All of our open positions can be found on the Open Positions page.

What We Do

Ivaylo Krastev

The Project Management department makes sure that our products go up smoothly. Once a product goes out of the factory, it is our job to plan, execute and close/finish the construction work. Our team is mainly made up of engineers, whose duties are to establish and evaluate construction schedules, estimate project costs, obtain required permits for each country, control site safety, and of course – select the construction team of technicians and prepare everything needed in terms of documentation and accommodation during their business trip.

We are the brave and responsible ones, ready to face on-site issues and deliver fast solutions. Thus, if you are solution-oriented fast-thinker with an engineering background – this is your place to be.

- Ivaylo Krastev, COO (Climbing Walls)

Success Stories

Petya Lozeva

Petya Lozeva - Not Afraid of Hard Work

Petya Lozeva was fresh out of university when she started working at Walltopia. Don't let her size and appearance fool you - Petya is one of the toughest ladies you'll meet! Her determination and hard work helped her grow with the company. See her take on Walltopia in the interview below.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Walltopia?
I am Petya Lozeva (27). Born in Dimitrovgrad, I have been living in Sofia for more than 10 years now. I’ve graduated from UNWE with a master degree in Business Administration. After my graduation I was ...

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What We Do

Milena Zaharieva

The purchasing department works closely with Walltopia’s factories. Our team serves as the backbone of all the manufacturing processes by procuring the necessary materials needed for production and daily operation of the company. We oversee the amount and quantity of the products needed in order to make sure our factory meets client needs. In order to maximize profitability, we not only buy, but also evaluate product prices, and negotiate terms related to making purchases.

Our team is always ready to welcome bright individuals with technical backgrounds, and the ability to strictly plan and oversee future needs.

-Milena Zaharieva, Administrative Director

All of our open positions can be found on the Open Positions page.

What We Do

Dimitar Petrov

Staying at the forefront of innovation in the climbing wall and adventure industry goes along with an in-house R&D team. What we do can be described as “taking a dream and transforming it into reality”. This simple statement, however, implies a whole spectrum of product development activities - evaluation of current products and technologies; design of new products from scratch; extensive research ; prototyping, testing and certification of products; final product documentation for serial production, assembly, operation, maintenance and safety. We are a very important part of Walltopia, as we strongly believe in an open competitive market. Our constant drive for innovation is what makes us a worldwide leader.

If you are smart, scientifically-minded, a technological geek, a crafty tinkerer, have knowledge and skills from diverse areas of engineering and a natural curiosity, then the Walltopia R&D team would be delighted to hear from you.

- Dimitar Petrov (Big D), Head of R&D

Success Stories

Martin Tapankov

Martin Tapankov Talks About The-Department-Where-Magic-Happens

Martin Tapankov is a part of Walltopia’s R&D team, which deals with different aspects of the development of products. Check out the interview below to learn about his work and the everyday challenges he faces.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Walltopia?
Martin – Product Engineer from The-Department-Where-Magic-Happens (shortly R&D). Young, handsome, decently thick, in his prime – like Carlson would say. A certain amount of chance ...

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What We Do

Boryana Levterova

The Sales team is the driving force of Walltopia. Our main purpose is to maximize profit and penetrate new markets by finding customers, negotiating the terms and conditions of each contract, evaluating costs, and preparing offers. These are just a few of the bullets on our daily “To-do” list.

In 2012, Walltopia began to expand its product portfolio by developing a number of active entertainment brands under the name Walltopia Adventure. This led to the creation of two sales team divisions - Climbing and Adventure. While the climbing wall sales team is focused on selling artificial climbing walls and safety equipment, the adventure team offers the brands Fun Walls, Rollglider, Ropetopia, Ninja Course and Rocktopia by aiming to create the ultimate adventure playground for our clients.

You are our ideal candidate if you are not afraid of challenges, have a can-do attitude and are eager to expand your knowledge.

- Boryana Levterova, Sales Director

Success Stories

Sylvia Mitrova

Sylvia Mitrova - "Everyday there is something new and interesting"

Sylvia Mitrova started working at Walltopia as Ivaylo Penchev's assistant. Today, she is one of Walltopia's toughest sales managers, taking care of the entire North American market. Check out her interview below.

Tell us a little bit about your background and how you ended up at Walltopia?
I am Sylvia Mitrova and I am currently working in the Sales department of Walltopia. However, I started here as executive assistant to the CEO. I saw a job ad and taking into account the financial instability of the company I was working at previously, I really needed a new job.

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